Salim Salim


This script entited “Wayang Ukur Of Sukasman’s Work Study Of Form Exploration” focuses
on the form of leather puppet itself.The goal of this research is to know and to explain
problem which is formulated, they are how the appearance Sukasman’s idea in creating
Wayang Ukur, how the figure shaping and the form of Sunggingan of wayang Ukur and how
the symbolic meaning of Wayang Ukur form is in creation of Sukasman. This research uses
method of qualitative research to understand the form of Wayang Ukur of Sukasman’s
creature. Approach used is esthetic of Fechner to describe works of Wayang Ukur of
Sukasman’s creation. Data is gained throgh observation, interview, bibliotheca study and
documentation. Data analysis used is interpretation analysis. The theory symbol of Geerts in
the book “The Interpretation Culture” is used structurally which consists of the phase of
figure analysis, symbolic meaning, and conclusion phase. Besides doing analysis against
some works of Wayang Ukur of Sukasman`s Creation. Finally it can be understood that the
result of finding in this research. That is Wayang Ukur existence constitutes new creation of
wayang which is created by Sukasman since the year of 1974, with doing changes on the form
and technique of craft studying which stress the clear form of leather puppet purwa gagrag
Yogyakarta and Surakarta. If it is seen from art of painting and sculpturing point of view,
Sukasman to look for continually new form of presentation to rise up the feeling of
impossibility for a presentation, impossibility is special esthetic for him. In creating Wayang
Ukur work Sukasman always care of art of sculpturing and painting principles, among of
them are composition, color, and balance. He has done secularism wayang kulit or leather
puppet staging, because Sukasman did not distort only form of puppet leather, but also the
staging. Sukasman has placed pesinden or singer that face the audience, stage is set with
taste of art of painting and sculpturing, lamp placement is considered by its lightning, so that
the impression of color can be changed according to the desire.
Keywords: Wayang Ukur, creativity, changing.

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