Muladi Wibowo


The objectives of research are to determine the internal factors, external factors, learning
factors and readiness of the instrument which affect the interest of vocational students in
Surakarta for entrepreneurship after graduate school and what is the most dominant factor
affecting student interest in vocational school in Surakarta to be entrepreneur after graduate
school. The data was collected using a questionnaire. The number of samples to be analyzed
were 490 respondents, by using cluster sampling method of random sampling at 40
vocational school and selected 7 cluster vocational school in Surakarta. Data analysis
methods used were validity test, reliability test, t test, F test and determination coefficient test
(R2). The result of partial test by using t test says variable internal factors (X1), external
factors (X2), Learning factors (X3) and instrument readiness factors (X4) tested has a real
positive influence or significant to the interest the students in entrepreneurship after
graduation school. The result of F test has been conducted proving that the internal factor
variable (X1), external factors (X2), learning factors (X3) and instrument of readiness factors
(X4), jointly or simultaneously have a positive and significant influence on the students'
interest for entrepreneurship after graduating school. Learning factor is being the most
dominant variable which affecting students' interest in entrepreneurship after graduate
school. This is proven by the result of regression analysis of the learning factor provide value
0,377 (37.7%).
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Students, SMK

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