Noor Miyono


Items of goods and services, including education services are basically developed to meet
customer needs and satisfaction. The dynamics of the environment resulted in customer
satisfaction and loyalty also changed. Change is a tough task manager tangtangan and
education, especially in managing customer loyalty. The aim of this study was to obtain
empirical concept of consumer assessment of brand equity, service quality, price,
satisfaction to customer loyalty in private elementary schools excel in Semarang. Results
the research showed: (1) Contribution to the brand equity of 82.82% customer satisfaction,
brand equity to customer loyalty by 49% (2) The contribution of service quality to customer
satisfaction equal to 86.49%, service quality to customer loyalty at 50.41% (3)
Contributions price to the customer satisfaction of 29.16%, the price of customer loyalty by
42.25% (4) Contribute to customer satisfaction to customer loyalty at 70.56% (5) the
contribution of brand equity, service quality and price jointly to customer satisfaction by
76%, moderate customer loyalty by 50.14% (6) The contribution of brand equity, service
quality, price and satisfaction to customer loyalty by 88%. Variable strongest influence on
customer satisfaction and loyalty is the quality of service. Customer loyalty will be
increased if supported by quality services, brand equity and price. In particular, this study
shows the importance of satisfaction on customer loyalty penbentukan. The success of
schools in high satisfaction as well as the ability of schools to build good relationships
between staff with parents is a school educates pesrta way to influence customer behavior
so that the faithful / loyalty to the school. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
forming factors will make the schools can deal with the dynamics of competition in a more
efficient and efective.
Keywords: brand equity, price, customer satisfaction, elementary school

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