Tumisem dan Arief Husin


Ngo hyang is usually made from chicken or crab meat seasoned with a flavorful, very
specific, which can be consumed as a side dish or snack. Ngo hyang made from shark meat, it
has a flavor not unlike ngo hyang made of chicken and crab meat. Ngo hyang a flavorful
spice is very sharp, acrid smell of meat can close the swordfish. In order to make ngo hyang
with swordfish meat as much as 10 kg of raw materials needed: ice cubes, lemon juice, salt,
seasoning to taste, a gas canister the size of 3 kg, 1 kg cooking oil, plastic bags the size of ¼
kg, beancurd two wrap, and wax a pack. The production of 10 kg of raw shark meat into 30
pieces ngo hyang shark with a selling price per 5 ngo hyang is Rp. 150.000, - on the first
production. In the second and subsequent production can generate Rp. 150.000, - with a
reduction in the cost of gas, wax and plastic bags for Rp. 57,000, -. Based on the results of
sales and production costs can be obtained the following business benefits: sales minus cost
of production at the stage of First Instance was Rp. 150.000, - min Rp. 177.000,- = -Rp.
27.000, -. While the next stage will always make a profit = Rp. 150,000 - Rp. 120,000 = Rp.
30.000, -.
Key words: shark fish, product, ngo hyang, diversification

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