Memenangkan Persaingan Dengan Strategi Penguatan Dan Revitalisasi Merek

Berta Bekti Retnawati dan Posmaria S


A long ter perspective of brand management recognizes that any changes in supporting marketing program for a brand may, by changing consumer knowledge, affect the success of future marketing programs. Effective brand management requires taking a long term view of marketing decisions. Additionally, a long term view necessitates proactive strategies designed to maintain and enhance customer based brand equity over time in the face of external changes in the marketing environment and internal changes in a firm\'s marketing goals and programs. Managing brand equity, however, requires more than taking a long-term perspective. Brand equity must be actively manged over time by reinforcing the brand meaning and if that consistenly, by revitalizing the brand Brand equity is reinforced by marketing actions that consistenly convey the meaning of the brand to consumer. The most important consideration in reinforcing brand is the consistency of the marketing support that the brand receives, both in terms of the alount and the nature of the support. Revitalizing a brand requires either that lost sources of brand equity be recaptured or that new source of brand equity be identified and establish.

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