Kekuatan Janji Merek (brand Promise) Dalam Memenangkan Persaingan Di Benak Dan Hati Konsumen

Berta Bekti R


Competition is increasingly fierce demanding thirst for power of a brand that waif lir accompanied by proof of its brand promise. Differentiation becomes one important thaimrar giving the benefit of relevant and in line with expectations or exceed customer expectazd-- Benefits offered may include benefits that are functional, experiential, emotional. or set:- expressive. Is absolute for a brand to keep their brand promise and prove who hays offered to the target segment. Brand promise to be one of the most important managing a brand. There are some things that should be managed and diaktualk.--T NIE brand promise: to prioritize the most desirable brand by customers, demonstrate the 1x-4w...- company, to prove a competitive advantage as evidence of differentiation, inspire alse encouragement for all the \'people\' in acting in a firm, supportive in every decision-m.:47:org system, action, and processes within the company, and of course totally reflected al Ile product or service itself.

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