Analisis Faktor Lingkungan Fisik, Sosial Ekonomi, Budaya dan Biologi Terhadap Kejadian Tuberkulosis Paru

Rusnoto Sukarmin Indanah


Pulmonary Tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Prevalency of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Indonesia is 130/100.000 in 2003. Prevalensi Pulmonary Tuberculosis clinic 0,8% from entire all disease in Indonesia and 75% Pulmonary Tuberculosis patient is productive age group (15-50 year) with social storey and level of low economics. In Indonesia Pulmonary Tuberculosis represent especial death cause third. Infection risk every year in Indonesia among 1-2%. New patient of Positive BTA from 2006-2006 in BP4 Pati was 419 cases. Patient Pulmonary Tubercolusis at productive age will generate problem early in community and also family especially in attainment of work productivity. To identify the factor related to the incidence of pulmonary tubercolusis in adult age at the clinic of lung disease (bp4) pati.

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