PENGARUH CITRA DAN SIKAP MEREK TERHADAP EKUITAS MEREK (Studi pada Pasar Handphone Nokia di Kota Semarang)

Aditya Rizky Setyo Pantawis


Competition in the mobile phone market is currently very tight. Nokia is the market
leader within two years of market control 63.9% in 2009 and by 60.4% in 2010 and
continuously sales declined due to many reasons, one of which potential is the
occurrence of brand switching, given the growing number of new competitors enter
the market. If this is not anticipated, then the share of Nokia sales will become
smaller in the future. this study take the topic influence brand attitude and brand
image brand to brand equity for Nokia handphone (study on handphone market in
Semarang). The study population is all users of Nokia in the city of Semarang.
Study sample was determined by purposive sampling of 100 the respondents.
Primary data collection using questionnaires prior first tested the validity and
reliability of data. Analysis of data using multiple linear regression analysis.
Hypothesis testing showed that the brand image and brand attitude positively
significant effect on brand equity. This can be a reference for the development of
Nokia's marketing strategy in Semarang to enhance the brand image and brand
attitudes, so that brand equity, and consumer loyalty can be maintained.
Keywords : brand image, brand attitude and brand equity

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